3D and Animation Projects

"Playing in Panels: Living within a Comic Strip"

This project, created for the International Contest at the Festival de la Bande Dessinée d'Angoulême, France, envisions a playful children's playground integrated with nature. Inspired by the dynamic layouts of comic strips, the design features distinct areas that emulate comic panels, encouraging children to explore and interact with their environment creatively. Drawing inspiration from Bernard Tschumi's "Parc de la Villette", the playground incorporates structural and conceptual elements that foster imaginative play and social interaction. The design prioritizes open, versatile spaces that can adapt to various activities, promoting both physical and mental engagement. By blending the whimsical world of comics with thoughtful architectural principles, this project aims to create an immersive, engaging, and educational experience for children in a natural setting.

"Weekend House in Heybeliada" (3D concept design of the architectural project)

This project envisions a serene weekend retreat on Heybeliada, Istanbul, merging the elegance of Japanese and Scandinavian architectural principles. The house design prioritizes simplicity and harmony, utilizing traditional Japanese wooden materials to create a warm, inviting interior. Light plays a crucial role, with strategically placed windows and open spaces enhancing natural illumination, fostering a tranquil atmosphere. Inspired by the minimalist aesthetics of both cultures, the layout emphasizes functionality and a seamless connection with nature.

"Journey of Steel and Soul: Escape in a Dystopian Frontier"
(Character/Environment Design and Animation)

This project focuses on the design of two compelling characters for an animation set in a dystopian future. The first character is a robot rooted in traditional Mexican heritage, showcasing elements of cultural significance through its design. The robot's companion is a human, and the narrative centers around their struggle for survival as they attempt to escape from the Mexican border to the US as refugees. In an intriguing twist, the robot is superior to the man, reversing the typical dynamic and highlighting themes of cooperation and resilience. This character-driven story aims to explore the complexities of survival and the bond between the two characters in their pursuit of freedom.

"Echoes of Antiquity" (Character design and animation for a video game)

This project delves into the creation of a character rooted in the cultural tapestries of Greek, Japanese, and Anatolian civilizations, designed for a video game narrative. The protagonist, an elderly sage with a solitary past, embarks on a journey through the evocative ruins of ancient Rome. This setting merges elements from Japanese serenity, Greek grandeur, and Anatolian mystique, presenting players with a visually immersive environment rich in historical and mythical influences. The character's design reflects a synthesis of these diverse cultural aesthetics, offering players a compelling exploration of resilience and discovery. As players navigate through this complex tapestry of architectural wonders and symbolic motifs, they uncover layers of the character's personal history and encounter challenges that resonate with the echoes of ancient sage traditions across civilizations.

3D Conceptualization of a Relevé Project in Besiktas, Istanbul

This project involves the 3D conceptualization of a building in Besiktas, Istanbul, originally constructed in the early 20th century. The 3D model aims to preserve the historical essence of the structure while integrating modern architectural elements to enhance functionality and aesthetics.

The conceptualization process included detailed analysis and visualization of the building's architectural features, such as its façade, structural integrity, and interior layout. Utilizing 3D visualization techniques, the project aims to provide a comprehensive visual representation of the proposed renovations. This ensures that the building's historical charm is maintained while adapting to contemporary standards.